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From all your brands, at one platform

With Nextrade Data you can access the article and image data of your brands from the consumer goods industry at any time. You receive the data of your brands via self-service or automated.

  • Central data platform
    Obtain all your brands‘ data via Nextrade
  • Standardized export format
    You will receive your data in the standard Nextrade format (CSV)
  • Desired transmission path
    Choose between e-mail, FTP, or EDI (individual transmission path and export format)
Nextrade Data

Get all article and image data of your relevant brands with Nextrade Data. At Nextrade, you will find everything bundled in one place, in one format, and with just one login. Supply yourself with the desired article and image data around the clock – via self-service or automated. Use the data, among other things, for the design of your B2C shop, your ERP system, or also for marketing and sales campaigns.

Geschäftsanfrage stellen über Nextrade

Send business request

Before you can obtain the product data, you must send a business request to the brand. Send your data request directly together with the business request, or after you have been activated.

Set up transmission path

In the myNextrade area you can set up your desired transmission path under Nextrade Data. Choose between e-mail, FTP, or EDI. For transmission via EDI, a connection must be set up in advance. You are already a nmedia customer? Then you can already use the established connection and activate it for Nextrade. You would like to be an EDI customer? Then select the EDI connection. An individual contact person from the Nextrade team will get in touch with you.

Übertragungsweg auf Nextrade einrichten
Nextrade Standard-Format

One format for all brands

With Nextrade’s uniform data format, you can easily import your brands’ products into your ERP or cashier system. Importing articles into your online store is also easy.

Automation of data processes

Nextrade provides you with a standard format (CSV) for all brands. Do you prefer your individual format for your ERP, cashier system, or online shop? No problem! We have already successfully connected over 100 ERP systems (Shopwin, Intelligix, Stein Software, and many more). Individual connections are possible via API. Please feel free to contact us.

Nextrade als Datenhub

Do you still have questions about article data?

Get in contact with us.

How to get data via Nextrade Data?

You can obtain the data of your brands via the following options:

  1. Article view in the shop
    Under the tag „Downloads“ (only single images, videos, user manual to download)
  2. Check-out after the order process
    Request the data of the purchased products
  3. Data updated by the brand
    Set the transmission path for this in the myNextrade area
  4. Article export manager (self-service)
    Use the article export manager to select your desired transfer method

What customer say

Another service that Nextrade offers retailers is the automation of the B2C shop in their own inventory management. This is a great service that saves a lot of time and of course money. In the B2C shop Shopify, our stock’s goods are automatically displayed from our inventory management system. These are then offered in our internet shop.

Do you want to order directly via Nextrade and obtain your data?

Take the chance and order at your individual conditions. Have the goods delivered to your store or directly to your customers’ homes.

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