Digital order processes
Through automated processes at Nextrade

You are still placing your order via phone, e-mail, or fax? And you are still booking your order confirmation and goods receipt posting with a high manual effort into your ERP system? With Nextrade Automate you save time and can easily manage your order processes via your own system. We will additionally connect you with a number of Nextrade and EDI brands.

  • Connection to a broad range of brands
    Directly to your ERP or cashier system
  • Automated orders
    Directly out of your B2C shop
  • Experienced with interfaces and APIs
    Benefit from our EDI experience of more than 20 years
Nextrade Automate

What is EDI?

Imagine our company as a translation office: You as a buyer want to communicate with your brands. Unfortunately, you are not speaking the same language as your trading partners. To still be able to communicate and exchange information, you would need a translation.

Referring to the classic EDI business, the situation would look like this: Your ERP system talks .XYZ as your standard data format. However, the brand’s ERP system talks .XXZ as their standard data format. The data language does not correspond and both systems will not understand each other.

That’s where the nmedia GmbH can help you out: The brand is sending article data in their preferred data format – nmedia will format the data into your preferred format, through a converter. You are now able to insert the data into your ERP system and directly send orders through your own system.

This process will be applied to all document types as orders, order responses, dispatch advice messages, and invoices.

As you are connected with EDI through Nextrade, you can easily exchange your data with a number of different brands. In your individual format. Your interface only has to be set up once and can be used as much as you need to.

The data interchange can be applied to different transfer modes and data formats:

For instance, different transfer modes to transfer order pricats would be via e-mail, FTP, AS2, X400, …

Different data formats could be.CSV, .PDF, .Edifact, … etc.