Quick Start Nextrade
Your entry in a few minutes.

Get to know Nextrade quickly and easily with our guide. There are two interfaces available for you to use Nextrade. The market is all about discovering and ordering. The myNextrade area is your administration area.

  • Nextrade Market
    Register, Price and product data request, Find (new) brands and products and order
  • MyNextrade
    Set up the data mode of transfer and trigger the data export, Backlog of orders (WMF), View inquiries and approvals and View orders
Nextrade Market

1. Register as a Buyer

With just a few clicks you can easily register with us free of charge. You can log into nextrade.market and in your myNextrade area at any time with the login data you have chosen (e-mail address and password).

2. Find brands and discover new things

In the menu bar or the menu symbol at the top left, you will find an overview of all brands and shops under brands. Discover new brand shops on the homepage, the shop of the month and be inspired by our trends.

3. Search for articles directly

Use the product search to find your desired product. You will be shown exactly the shops that offer the right products.

4. Request price status and product data

You don’t see any prices in the shop? That is right, you first have to ask the brand for the prices. To do this, click on “Request now” under the price status item in the shop dashboard to receive your individual conditions.

You can also request product data once the price request has been granted. By clicking on “Request now” in the box at the top of the shop under the item product data. Please indicate which product data you need for which purposes.

5. Order

Once the respective brand has granted you and assigned your individual conditions, you can start filling shopping baskets and start ordering.

After you have submitted your order, the brand will contact you if necessary, clarify any final questions or send you an order confirmation directly. The processing of the order, as well as the payment, takes place directly between you and the brand.

Where do I find what?

  • Request price status
    Nextrade market → Brand shop → Price status → Request now
  • Request product data
    Nextrade market → Brand shop → Product data → Request now
  • Place a dropshipping order
    Nextrade market → Dropshipping → Brand shop → Request price status → order
  • Set up the data transfer mode and trigger the data export
    MyNextrade → Nextrade Data → mode of transfer
    MyNextrade → Nextrade Data → article export manager

Request and manage data

Do you need the product data, images and all other documents for your own online shop? Request these directly in the brand shop. To do this, click on “Request now” below product data.

To manage the data, you will find the “Nextrade Data” tab in the myNextrade area. Check the box next to “Activate data transfer”. The brands now provide you with new data. Any updates of the brands will be automatically and daily transferred to you in our general Nextrade format (example.csv). You can also export data on demand via the article export manager.
We are happy to set up your individual format for your ERP system. Send an email to contact@nextrade.solutions for more information.

Choose the mode of transfer you need:

  • Email: Receive the data by email
  • FTP: Receive the data via your ftp account. We are also happy to set up an ftp account for you.
  • EDI: Would you like an individual solution? Select EDI and we will contact you. You have already a EDI connection to us? Then also please choose EDI.