Your digital product catalog
for existing and new customers

Be present on Nextrade with your digital product catalog and let buyers order quickly and easily via Nextrade. Thanks to the international approach, customers all over the world will become aware of your brand.

  • One system for all brands
    The digital product catalog with order function and additional services
  • For your existing customers and potential new customers
    Allocate individual order authorizations and prices
  • Present novelties and promotions
    Present your promotions and new products to your customers at any time
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Nextrade Market

The industry’s B2B product catalog

The Nextrade Market is your digital central B2B product catalog for the consumer goods industry and digitizes your trade fair business. Here you as a brand can present your products 24/7 to your customers at individual conditions all year round and introduce yourself to potential new customers.

The Market acts as a technical solution provider: orders can be received centrally and ideally electronically (EDI) by you as a brand. Are you already connected via EDI? Accept orders from your retailers directly via EDI in your ERP system – even from retailers without an EDI connection.

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Order management

Everything via one system, with just one login: A uniform, digital order management, which you can connect to your ERP system. This allows you to centrally manage your orders from retailers with individual conditions. With an existing EDI connection, we charge you 1.5% commission on the order volume. If you participate purely online, we will charge you 2.5%.

Customer management in one place

Unite your current and potential customers in one place. You can set individual purchasing, freight, and payment conditions for each of your retailers

EDI on the web

Do you have buyers who only want to order via EDI, but do not have an EDI-capable ERP system as a brand? No problem! With Nextrade Web-EDI, buyers send you EDI orders directly to your Nextrade shop and you can receive them as .PDF.

Open your dropshipping shop and provide your retailers with the appropriate master data

By setting up your dropshipping shop, your buyers can respond more precisely to customer requests and offer the entire products variety of their brands. Provide relevant product and image data via Nextrade to enable your buyers to import the products into their own B2C and / or online shop.

Dropshipping Data

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