Data management
Distribute article and image data with Nextrade

Nextrade Data is the self-service tool for article and image data in the consumer goods industry. Make your data available to your buyers with individual rights worldwide and centrally via Nextrade.

  • Full control over pricing conditions and data
    You decide who may obtain which data with which pricing conditions
  • Fully automated data distribution
    As soon as you update your data at Nextrade, it is forwarded directly to your buyers
  • Uniform format
    Customers receive article data and image links in a standardized, or customized format
Nextrade Data

Master data management – for all your dealers, on one platform

Control the allocation of your article and image materials for your buyers via Nextrade – and all this centrally via one platform. As a brand, you can use the myNextrade area to manage download permissions individually for each buyer and decide on the intended use.

The buyers receive the data in a standard Nextrade format (CSV), automated via FTP or e-mail. On request also exactly fitting to the individual ERP / shop system of your customer.

Automate your import of article and inventory data with us to provide buyers with up-to-date data and further minimize your manual effort.

Do you want to offer your products for ordering directly via Nextrade?

Take your chance and make your product portfolio available online. Let your buyers order from you with individual conditions via Nextrade.

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