Digital order management
Through automated processes at Nextrade

You are still receiving orders via phone, e-mail, or fax? With Nextrade you can receive and manage all of your orders on one platform. With an EDI connection, all of your orders will be forwarded directly to your ERP system.

  • Minimal manual effort
    You can reduce your high manual and administrative effort
  • Decrease your overall process costs
    You can both save time and costs by optimizing internal processes
  • Optimizing your supply chain processes
    Direct information about sales and inventory
Nextrade Automate

What is EDI?

Imagine our company as a translation office: You as a brand want to communicate with your buyers. Unfortunately, you are not speaking the same language as your trading partners. To still be able to communicate and exchange information, you would need a translation.

Referring to the classic EDI business, the situation would look like this: Your ERP system talks .XYZ as your standard data format. However, your buyer’s ERP system talks .XXZ as their standard data format. The data language does not correspond and both systems will not understand each other.

That’s where nmedia GmbH can help you out: you as a brand will send us your article data in your standard data format – nmedia will then format your data into the buyer’s preferred data format with help of a converter. Your trading partners are then able to insert your data into their own ERP system and consequently send an order. Of course, you will receive this order again in your preferred data format.

This process will be applied to all document types as orders, order responses, dispatch advice messages, and invoices.

At Nextade you will be connected with EDI, hence you can exchange documents with all of your buyers. Your interface only has to be connected once and can be used for all of your EDI and Nextrade buyers, as often as you want to.

The data interchange can be applied to different transfer modes and data formats:

For instance, different transfer modes to transfer order pricats would be via e-mail, FTP, AS2, X400, …

Different data formats could be .CSV, .PDF, .Edifact, … etc.

And what is Nextrade Automate?

Nextrade Automate combines a lot of experience from our EDI business with our technical know-how from Nextrade. Nextrade creates an automated process without priorly setting up various transfer ways and/or data formats. You easily fill in your data with the standard Nextrade import template and upload it to Nextrade through our FTP server.

You are a nmedia EDI client already? Then your data can easily be transferred to Nextrade.