Digitize and automate
your business processes with Nextrade Solutions

With transparent, fair, and more efficient processes through our services, you ensure the digital transformation of your business. With Nextrade Solutions, your order processes are simplified, data distribution to your buyers is automated, and your sales channels are expanded through dropshipping stores.

  • The digital product catalog with order function
    Introduce your new products to your existing and potential new customers
  • Fully automated data management
    Distribute article and image data worldwide and centrally via Nextrade to your buyers
  • Increase sales, thanks to your own dropshipping shop
    Buyers can offer your entire assortment with dropshipping
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Nextrade Products

Data distribution

Control the allocation of your article and image data for your buyers via Nextrade - all centrally via one platform.


Thanks to your own EDI connection, your orders end up directly in your ERP system. Nextrade serves as a central digital platform for order taking and processing.


Connect your digital showroom with Nextrade’s order function – and be available 24/7 for your customers to experience!

Nextrade_Icon_Market_color Market

Let your buyers order easily and quickly via Nextrade by being present with your digital product catalog at Nextrade. International and national customers will be aware of your brand worldwide.

Your advantages:
  • The digital product catalog with order function and additional services
  • For your existing and potential new customers
  • Present new products and promotions to your customers at any time
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Nextrade_Icon_Dropshipping_color Dropshipping

By offering dropshipping on Nextrade, you increase sales of your products to distributors and their end customers.

Your advantages:
  • You have full control over which buyer orders from you
  • You set individual conditions with your buyers
  • Your entire assortment is offered to the end customer through dropshipping
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Nextrade_Icon_Data_color Data

Nextrade Data is the self-service tool for article and image data in the consumer goods industry. Make your data available to your buyers with individual rights worldwide and centrally via Nextrade.

Your advantages:
  • You decide who is allowed to obtain which data and with which price conditions
  • Your buyers always receive the latest data fully automatically as soon as you update your data on Nextrade
  • Customers receive article data and image links in a standardized or individually adapted format
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Nextrade_Icon_Automatisierung_color Automate

Use Nextrade as a central digital platform for order processing. All orders land directly in your ERP system via an EDI connection.

Your advantages:
  • Reduce high manual, administrative work
  • Time savings and optimization of internal processes
  • Optimization of the supply chain processes
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Nextrade_Icon_Showrooms_color Showroom

With your showroom order interface at Nextrade, you can increase your revenue. You can also assign buyers individual freight and payment terms in the showroom.

Your advantages:
  • The order points and product groups in the showroom can be placed flexibly
  • From the product list to the shopping cart, there is a direct and closed connection for your brand
  • With just a few clicks, you can get an intuitive and simple tour
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The future of digital ordering is also yours!

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