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Our start

In January 1998, our current managing director Nicolaus Gedat founded nmedia GmbH. As one of thousands of start-ups, we wanted to use the possibilities of the then emerging Internet to build new services for brands and retailers in the B2B sector.

Our goal was, and still is, to offer market participants in the dining, living and giving sectors facilitation and efficiency gains through electronic communication.

Our EDI Clearing Center

We quickly realized that the link between the then mentioned Old Economy and New Economy was and is the key to success. With the participation of EK/servicegroup eG and invenido GmbH (wmf group, Villeroy und Boch and Leonardo), we were able to successfully implement this step with minority shareholdings and initially concentrated on the electronic networking of the WWS and ERP systems of the brands and retailers (EDI Clearing Center). Today, with over 1,000 connected retailers and retail organizations and hundreds of brands in over 20 countries, we have become an important part of the industry. There is no business model between brands and retailers that we do not support with our services of electronic data exchange (automatic exchange of e.g. orders, sales data, invoices,…).

The order and data platform of the Home&Living industry

Nextrade is the next logical step in our further development. Until now, only brands and retailers who are able and willing to communicate with the other party via EDI could participate in our EDI Clearing Center. With Nextrade, we provide an instrument that allows all market participants to participate. Nextrade has set itself the task of simplifying the (re-)order processes and the handling of article data for industry and trade.

We are also taking this step consistently with the partner who has the best possibilities for marketing and implementing Nextrade in the market: Messe Frankfurt. Nextrade serves as an ideal complement to the trade fair. At the trade fair, you can experience innovations and trends haptically. At Nextrade, on the other hand, it’s all about efficient and lean processes of post-ordering and data management. With Messe Frankfurt’s network, we will roll out Nextrade in 178 countries and thus all over the world. To this end, Messe Frankfurt, like EK/servicegroup and invenido, has acquired a minority stake in our nmedia GmbH.